It usually feels like the world is moving around us at lightspeed and time is always of the essence. Your software development should adhere to the same sentiments. Develop at lightspeed, deploy with urgency.

At RD, we've taken the best parts of all the Agile & Rapid Application Development methods so we can deliver your application vision quickly and affordably.

Our 7 Steps make all the difference.

We know this from experience. We've seen plenty of failed deployments and there are plenty of stories out there stating that a software project amounted to nothing more than wasted money and shelfware. On the flipside, we have also seen and deployed plenty of successful projects by utilizing our 7 Step Process forged from our own experiences.

FYI... We know our 7 Step Process works because we use it for our own development. That’s right, we don’t only dev-for-hire, we drink our own Cool-Aid.

If you want to learn more about our 7 Step Process, call us and ask for George. We love email and IM, but it’s nice to talk about what we do too.

We knew that we were on to something different when we were building full platforms in weeks, not years.
George Rios, Founder, RemoteDevelopers