How Is RD different?

In Software design, development and deployment there is an inverse relationship between application value and time. The longer it takes to deploy a minimum viable product (MVP), the lower the chances you will ever deploy. This is because as you "wait" for a product, your business charges forward. Your teams find workarounds and meet their goals, and the chances of getting folks to embrace a new technology wither and die.

Our goal is to get you to a viable, usable product release immediately, while your team is fired up and desperate for a tool they can use. It needs to work and solve your basic problem first. From there we can build and add-on.

If you’re seeking a traditional, structured approach for your development, don’t call us. We just don’t operate that way. If you're looking for creativity and options to solving your application development challenges quickly, then we definitely want to hear from you.

The key is to keep iterating. You must get to a product release as quickly as possible while you have users' attention.
George Rios, Founder, RemoteDevelopers